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Visual Business Planner

Bring your business plans to life.

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AwardOne of the easiest and fastest tools for producing business plans.

Validate product ideas and business models. Business school proven.

Plenty of features

Free to use

Academic development for helping startups and businesses.

Basic to advanced

Start simple and use more and more options as you go.

Based on parameters

Quickly generate your business plans on assumptions.

Visual graphics

Understand your numbers with charts instead of tables.

Explanations provided

Tooltips, popups and infos present all the information.

Plan customers not revenue

Plan customer leads & conversions. Make use of marketing campaigns.

Consider network effects

Understand your customer base and take advantage of multipliers.

Model exponential growth

Get Break Even, Free Cash Flow and Enterprise Value.

A simple process for creating business plans

Number 01

Put in your parameters and press enter (or click OK).

Number 02

Analyse the corresponding charts from your parameter inputs.

Number 03

Review your resulting business plan and start again if refinements are necessary.

Number 04

Analyse all the details and financial ratios.


Use a score to test your business model or a magic scatter to compare your product



Number 05

Compare your product to competing products on a MAGIC SCATTER

Number 06

Business planning with many possibilities

Learn as you go

Don't re-invent the wheel and learn while you go along.

Plenty of options

Built even advanced and complex business models.

Extensive knowledge

Everything you should cover in a concise business plan.

Play around

Completely interactive to find your best fitting business model.

Download and Upload

Exchange parameter sets and further use generated time series.

Share and discuss

Show all assumptions to potential investors and discuss scenarios.

English or German

Choose your preference. More languages are forthcoming.

No login required

Just start using the Visual Business Planner.

Business plans alive

Business plans are only useful if they are "alive", which means they must immediately give feedback and help with a constant re-planning, appraisal, revision, search for working business and price models, etc. Ideally, they should not contain static textual descriptions (which can go in general documents), but rather the budget figures for the balance sheet, P&L and cash developments resulting from planning customers, marketing, network effects, prices, sales, costs, profits, taxes, investments, capital measures and liquidity. Making a business plan should not be considered a burden, but a fun and valuable tool for supporting the implementation of any business idea or innovation.

For this, the Visual Business Planner breaks completely new ground: freely scalable, completely interactive, graphically, step-by-step, clear, didactically comprehensible, completely decentralized, parameters instead of columns of numbers, team-oriented and usable in lectures or further training.

The aim is that the Visual Business Planner can make a significant contribution to the science and innovation system. To this end, it will be further developed on the basis of an agile approach and with knowledge and requirements from a network of practice and academics. The German Stifterverband shared this vision in its program Wirkung hoch 100 and had included the Visual Business Planner project into its 100ths anniversary support initiative.

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