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Changelog since v2.0.0.rc

For changes leading to v2.0.0.rc please read this blog post /blog/v2.0.0.

v2.1.2.rc 2023-10-03

  • Improve upload in case of API-changes.

v2.1.1.rc 2023-10-03

  • Fix: parameter changes in advanced chart 1.1 also unintentionally switched ‘Rest Base’
  • Fix: advanced chart 1.1 showed paying customer base instead of customers paying from new

v2.1.0.rc 2023-09-17

  • Switch of ‘Rest Base’ by clicking on the ’⇓’ symbol. This allows a better representation of business models that are based on new customers only. Companies with such business models do not know their customers and can, thus, neither reach them nor the contact details in a database.

  • Added a Changelog

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