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v2.0.0 is out

11 Sep 2023 · v1.0.0


The Visual Business Planner is one of the easiest and fastest tools for producing business plans on the markets. Now it has been further improved.

What is new?

New Parameters and Improvements

Visual Business Planner now additionally offers to:

  • change product prices over time
  • change product unit costs over time
  • allow for several purchases per month
  • plan inventory fix and unit costs
  • add asset fix costs, e.g. for maintenance over useful lifetime
  • better handling of taxes, in case of losses
  • better handling of account receivable and payable

User Interface

Visual Business Planner has received some updates for better user handling, which leads to:

  • faster refresh
  • better handling of parameter updates
  • more condensed tooltip when hovering over graphs
  • additional drawer (open right or left with ▶︎ or ◀︎) to review all time series data
  • individually reset data per graph
  • better structure in download data
  • undefined ratios will be shown as ’−’

Additional Ratios

Remember, that in the ADVANCED mode you can access Ratios & Analysis with the ▼︎. Due to popular demand the following ratio was added:

  • Internal Revenue
  • Growth Internal Revenue


All documentations and explanations were reviewed and updated.


Visual Business Planner not only helps to produce business plans but also to score your business model. The Business Model Score was:

  • updated with the latest Business Model Components Map v7.2.0
  • received complementary questions where necessary

Infrastructure changes

You won’t directly notice, but a lot has changed in the underlying code and infrastructure to make it even more bullet prove. This includes

  • a reduced amount of used libraries
  • all used libraries were updated
  • a refactoring and streamlining of the code

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License CC BY-ND 4.0
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